Thursday, April 2, 2015

Sorry, but your stamp collection is worthless

Read this interesting article in Time magazine which charts the sad decline of stamp collecting. While a few wealthy people still collect stamps - the really rare ones, most of the children no longer take up the hobby, and stamp collecting is a dying art.

Even worse news: Most of those stamps we collected as kids that were supposed to soar in value over the years and make us rich aren't worth much more than their face value today.
Maybe we should just be grateful for the fun we had collecting stamps when we were young. While it sounds incredibly nerdy by today's standard, we could spend hours sorting our stamps by the country of origin, putting them in special albums and scouting attics for potentially valuable stamps on old letters.
What do you guys think?

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  1. Nothing is worthless if it brings pleasure of any kind. I do not collect stamps, but I do love using old commemorative stamps for my ebay business! I also enjoy the aesthetic value of many stamps.

    Certainly I do not understand the value placed on a stamp because of a flaw, or rarity - but it certainly still very common to get large amounts for them. On ebay UK I recently saw a flawed pair, MNH from 1988 FV 44p sell for nearly £700!



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