Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dahlia Cover from Sweden

Many Thanks to Mrs Ann Torstenson for this lovely cover posted from the beautiful city of Falköping, Sweden!
On August 2013, Sweden Post issued four colorful stamps for fall greetings depicting ball dahlia, decorative dahlia, waterlily dahlia and ruffle dahlia.
The dahlia originates from Central America, where it was used both as decoration and for medicinal purposes. The Spanish took the dahlia home with them as early as the 1500s but it did not attract much attention.

Interest for the dahlia in the European part of the world grew at the end of the 1700s as seeds and tubers spread from Madrid’s botanical garden to cultivators throughout Europe. It was the director of the botanical garden who, in 1791, named the flower after the Swedish botanist and student of Carl von Linne, Andreas Dahl.

It is impossible to count the shapes and colors of the dahlia. During the more than 200 years that the dahlia has been cultivated, more than 50,000 different types have been registered. In addition to the registered dahlias, many gardeners have created their own variations at home. It is as easy as gathering the seeds; the dahlia then happily interbreeds and creates unique variations.

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