Monday, November 19, 2012

Beauties of Our Homeland Cover from Slovakia!

Many thanks to Robert Brnka for this lovely cover posted from Slovakia!
The two beautiful 0.40 € postage stamps belong to the "Beauties of Our Homeland" series. 

Illustrating the "Skalka by Trencin" and "The Basilica of our Lady of Sorrows in Sastin", they were issued on July 13, 2012 and Sept 14, 2012 respectively.
Within the "Beauties of Our Homeland" series, these are the 8th and 9th stamps issued by the Slovak Post since 2007. 
 Jasov Monastery (Issued: 2007)
Hronsky Benadik Monastery (2007)
Wooden Church Hervartov (2008)
Wooden Church Dobroslava (2008)
 Castle Topolcianky (2010)
Castle Betliar (2010)
Dobsinska Ice Cave (2011)
The two 0.10 € stamps are definitives from the "Cultural heritage of Slovakia" series. Issued on Jan 2, 2009 as part of basic euro postal stamps.

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