Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Train Cover From Sri Lanka

Sharing with you guys today is this lovely cover posted from Sri Lanka. Many thanks to Dr. M.J.M. Mikram! 
The beautiful train stamps were issued on Feb 2, 2011 to mark 25 years of service of the Viceroy luxury coal powered steam train. They feature Viceroy Special Steam Locomotive B8 240, Viceroy Special Locomotive B2 213, Sentinel Camel Steam Rail Car V2 331 and Narrow Gauge Steam Locomotive J1 220 respectively. 
Dr Mikram also enclosed a special miniature sheet with a very long stamp. Measuring 123mm long and 30mm wide, this is the longest stamp ever issued by Sri Lanka Post! 
The Viceroy Special is the only coal powered steam locomotive still in operation with two air-conditioned compartments including 64 plush reclining seats and adjustable tables. The train has been utilised as a tourist attraction to offer visitors an enthralling experience of passenger transportation of the yester years. Tourists would be keen to travel by Viceroy Special since only a few steam locomotives are in operation in the world.
The two stamps affixed on the lower right belong to the "Fantastic Beaches of Sri Lanka" series. Issued on Sept 7, 2010, the stamps depict Trincomalee Beach and Pasikudah Beach. A stamp featuring the lovely Arugam Bay Beach makes up a set.
OK, let's end here today... got to board the Viceroy Special! Bye!!!

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