Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moths Cover from Croatia

Many thanks to Ivana for this lovely moths cover posted from Croatia!
In cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund – WWF, Croatian Post has issued four commemorative postage stamps with the motif of Croatian olive bee hawk moth. 
The olive bee hawk moth is a moth from the family of night moths - sphingidae, though it is active during daytime. The species has been described more than 230 years ago in the area of Karlovac and it is spread far outside Croatian borders living in Mediterranean and Pontus area from Italy, Switzerland, across Balkan Peninsula to Israel, Ukraine and Russia. 

The species is easily spotted on sunny days due to its very fast flight and during nectar sucking from nectar rich plants, when it reminds a curious viewer of a humming bird. In one year two generations of this moth develop, first from the end of April to June and the second in August and September.

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