Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lovely English Cover

Here's a lovely English cover to share with you guys today!
The cute 'Thomas the Tank Engine' stamp franked on the top right corner is from a miniature sheet to mark the centenary of the birth of it's creator Reverend Wilbert Awdry. 

Reverend Awdry’s passion for railways had been instilled in him by his clergyman father, Vere, and when Wilbert himself had a family, he shared his railway enthusiasm with his own son, Christopher. It was while two-year-old Christopher was suffering with measles that Wilbert tried to enliven his son’s bed-bound quarantine by telling stories and drawing pictures about a group of little engines. 

He wrote down the stories and in May 1945 ‘The Three Railway Engines’ was published. Between 1945 and 1972, Reverend Awdry wrote 26 volumes in ‘The Railway Series’.
Issued on June 14, 2011, this miniature sheet features original illustrations from the Thomas the Tank Engine books. Respectively, the stamps depict (1st Class) Thomas challenges Bertie the bus to a race. Here he is speeding past Bertie at a level crossing, (68p) James ends up covered in tar when he crashes into the yard after failing to pin down his brakes at the top of a hill, fortunately it’s only his pride that is hurt, (76p) Percy ends up in the sea when he ignores a sign and (£1.00) Henry ends up being walled up in a tunnel as punishment for not wanting to get his paint wet.

In additional, six beautiful stamps each showing an engine from the famous "Thomas the Tank Engine" series were released.
Second from the left, the 'Station X Bletchley Park' stamp belongs to the "A-Z Postal portrait of Britain" series. Issued in Oct 2011 (letters A-L) and in April 2012 (letters M-Z), the twenty-six stamps depict some of UK's favorite tourist attractions.
To make up for the postage, 3 Queen Elizabeth II definitive stamps were also used.

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