Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Butterflies Cover From Spain!

Hi guys! Just a short post to share this lovely Spanish cover received from a fellow  ICCC member, Claudio Polako.
On Jan 20, 2010, as part of the series entitled 'Fauna', Correos has issued two extremely attractive stamps portraying two butterflies endemic to Spain.
The Artimelia latreillei is endemic to the Iberian Peninsula and its colonies, although scattered over Spain and Portugal, are geographically isolated in mountainous areas (up to 1.500-1.800 high) as well as lower regions and the coastline. The males are very active during the day, even during the hottest hours in the morning and with their low, fast and erratic flight chase the females which remain still on the ground or on low branches. 
The Zygaena rhadamanthus lives in dry, sunny areas with low vegetation between south Portugal, Spain (except the northwest) and the south of France. Flight occurs from May to July, covering short distances between flowers in straight lines. Their wings go from a light grey to a dark greenish blue colour, and their rear wings are usually blue. Larvae hibernate by their host plant where they make their cocoon of a white colour. The Zygaena is a polymorphic species.

That's all for today, see you guys soon!

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