Sunday, September 9, 2012

Visakhapuja Day Cover From Thailand

Sharing with you on this lovely Sunday is this beautiful cover received from an eBayer a while ago.
The stamp affixed on the top right corner was issued in 1998 to celebrate Visakhapuja Day.
The holiest of all the Buddhist holidays, Visakhapuja is celebrated every year in May on the date of the full-moon, the day is often simply referred to as 'Buddha Day'.

Visakhapuja marks the day when Prince Siddhatta Gotama was born, 35 years later became the Buddha (enlightenment) and in another 45 years passed away (nirvana). In each case, these events took place on the full-moon day in Visakha month (usually May). 

Visakhapuja Day is recognized by the UNESCO on December 13, 1999 as "World Heritage Day".

The cute stamp on the lower right, entitled "Yummy Postmen" was issued on 10 May 2011.
The other stamps on this cover were from two stamp sheets depicting the Thai alphabets for children. A total of 44 stamps, they were issued on 29 July 2011.
Thai script is used to write the Thai language and other, minority, languages in Thailand. It has fourty-four consonants, fifteen vowel symbols that combine into at least twenty-eight vowel forms, and four tone marks.

We'll end this post with a clip showing how Singaporeans celebrated the Visakhapuja Day. With 33% of population being Buddhist, Visakhapuja Day is declared as a public holiday here in Singapore.

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