Wednesday, September 5, 2012

UNESCO's World's Intangible Culture Cover From Croatia!

Sharing with you guys today is a beautiful cover posted from Donja Lomnica, Croatia. Thank you so much, Ivana Perunski!
On 12 June 2012, Croatian Post issued 4 commemorative stamps to celebrate the country's record number of inscriptions on UNESCO's World's intangible culture masterpieces. Croatia holds ten surpassing all countries in Europe except Spain which possesses an equal number of the listed items.

The List of Intangible Cultural Heritage are established by UNESCO in 2001 aiming to ensure the better protection of important intangible cultural heritage worldwide and awareness of their significance.

The stamps on this cover show "The Festivity of St Blaise" (1.60), "The Lace of Hvar" (3.10) and "Gingerbread Craft" (4.60) respectively.
The missing stamp from this series depicts "Wooden Children's Toy" (7.10).
We'll end this post with a clip showing "The Festivity of St Blaise". Enjoy!!

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