Monday, September 3, 2012

Railways Cover From Finland!

Many thanks to Johanna Palonen for this lovely FDC posted from Finland! 
On 5 March 2012, Finnish Post released a set of six beautiful stamps to commemorate the "150th Anniversary of Railways in Finland". These stamps briefly tell the history from the late steam locomotive till the newest Allegro trains, which run from Helsinki to St. Petersburg.
The first railway in Finland was opened in 1862 between Helsinki and Hämeenlinna. By 1900 most of the future main lines had been constructed, including the line to St. Petersburg. By the time of the birth of the new Finnish Republic in 1917 lines connected all major cities, major ports, and reached as far as the Swedish border, and inner Finland as far north as Kontiomäki in Paltamo region, as well as eastwards into Karelia.
I will end this post with a beautiful Finns postcard, courtesy of a post-crosser.
This card features one of the Dahlia circular postage stamps, issued on 1st April 2011. Heippä! 

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