Friday, September 14, 2012

My First Cover From United Nations, NY!

Many thanks to Yan Wu for this wonderful cover posted from the United Nations Headquarters in New York! 
The 2 lovely stamps are part of a set of six stamps issued on 5th Sept 2012 on the theme, "World Heritage - Africa". For this stamp series, the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) has chosen six World Heritage sites in Africa.
I had the chance to visit the UN Headquarters in New York last Dec, but alas, did not get the opportunity to visit its post office. Anyway it is a nice consolation to have this cover now! :)
UN Headquarters in New York
Sphere within a Sphere sculpture at the UN
Knotted Gun sculpture


  1. Wow, you're the first one to receive this cover! I am glad it arrived safely. Argh, the post office was supposed to cancel it with the FD cancellation!! I am so sorry they didn't do it. :(

    1. No prob with the cancellation. Thanks again! Hope my Panda cover will reach you soon :)



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