Thursday, September 6, 2012

Giant Panda Stamps From Singapore!

Today, SingPost issued a beautiful set of three stamps and a collector's sheet to commemorate the arrival of two Giant Pandas, "Kai Kai"(凯凯) & "Jia Jia"(嘉嘉) on a 10-year loan to Singapore!
Singapore is privileged to be the ninth country to receive Giant Pandas from China since 1994. This significant gesture from the Chinese government was first announced during the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Sino-Singapore relations in 2010.
A 6-month nationwide contest was held after the announcement in 2010 to name this pair of giant pandas. With nearly a thousand names to choose from, the panel of seven distinguished judges from Singapore and China eventually picked "Kai Kai"  signifying 'victorious' for the male panda and "Jia Jia" which means 'beautiful' and 'fine' for the female panda. Together, the words "Kai" and "Jia" signify the many years of triumphant and excellent ties between the two nations. The word "Jia" also shares the same phonetic pronunciation as the Chinese character '加', part of Singapore's Chinese name (新加坡).
Let's enjoy this clip showing the Giant Pandas arriving in Singapore this morning at Changi Airport Centre, after their 2000 mile fight from Chengdu in China!  
Also let's go behind-the-scenes of how Singapore Zoo gets all ready for their arrival.  
I will be sending Panda covers to some of my contacts. Should you be interested to receive one, just email me.


  1. Could you please advise me?
    For SS-Panda with high nominal...are there special things on the SS? Singapore Chinese zodiac stamp...

    Thx & Brgds,

  2. Hi Jefferson, nothing special on the SS Panda. However, it is a beautiful sheet and comes with a folder. Should be limited. I got three for my collection



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