Monday, September 24, 2012

Beautiful Postcards!

Sharing with you today are six beautiful postcards received from post-crossers recently. 
Diana from California posted this lovely postcard showing the San Gergonio Pass, near Palm Springs. Due to it's high winds, the wind turbines generate enough electricity to meet the needs of a city of 250,000 population!
Posted from Enschede, a city in eastern Netherlands this postcard shows many amazing views of the city centre. Beautiful!
Next is a postcard sent from Lithuania. It shows the Tiškevičiai Palace in Palanga. Built for the Tyszkiewicz family, this Neo-Renaissances style building is surrounded by the Palanga Botanical Garden and has housed the Palanga Amber Museum since 1963.
This fourth card features Plzeň, a city in western Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The city is known worldwide for its Pilsner beer. 
Sent from the oldest city in Finland, Turku, this wonderful postcard shows people enjoying their coffee in the lazy sunday afternoon. Situated by the Baltic Sea and sheltered by the islands of the Archipelago Sea, Turku has a hemiboreal climate. Like much of southern Finland, the city experiences warm summers, with temperatures ranging up to 30 °C, and relatively cold winters with frequent snowfall. 
Franked with three beautiful stamps, this postcard shows the Paipudyna river in Sibera. Many thanks to Olga!

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