Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beautiful Cover From Liechtenstein!

Many thanks to Vural Oguz for this beautiful cover posted from the capital of Liechtenstein, Vaduz!
Liechtenstein may be the sixth smallest country in the world but the country is well known around the world for its postage stamps. Stamps have been a major export for Liechtenstein for many years, and large numbers of childhood stamp collectors only recognize the name Liechtenstein as a result of their stamp collections!

The lovely stamp on the right belongs to the new five-part stamp series "Collections in Liechtenstein: Classic cars". Issued on Sept 3, 2012 the first series depicts a rare 1908 Brasier racing car (face value CHF 0.85), a steam driven Stanley Steamer built in 1911 (CHF 1.00), 1915 Ford T Speedster (CHF 1.40) and 1920 Hinstin (CHF 1.90) respectively.
The stamp on the left was issued on Nov 16, 2009 from the second series of stamps entitled "Brand Liechtenstein". 

Brand Liechtenstein was launched in 2004, the aim behind it was "to summarize symbolically in an unmistakable, easily recognized image the values and qualities which constitute Liechtenstein's distinctiveness." 

"Brand Liechtenstein" in stamp series started in March 2008. These definitives associate familiar buildings in Liechtenstein with the Brand's five core messages - Dialogue, Finance, Industry, Homeland and Nature/Community.

The stamps in this series feature Community Lifestyle Museum (face value CHF 0.20), Former Customs House, Vaduz (CHF 0.50) and Parish House, Bendern (CHF 0.60).
We'll round off this post with a trip to Liechtenstein! Enjoy!

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