Sunday, August 26, 2012

My First Cover from Monaco!!

Another pleasant surprise from Francois Leboucher! This time posted from Monaco! Merci!
The beautiful stamp belongs to a miniature sheet, entitled "Former Fiefs of the Grimaldis of Monaco in Provence" devoted to the fiefs of the Grimaldi family in the Kingdom of France.
Issued on 4th April 2011, this block is the latest in the series that began in 2010. The signing of the treaty of Péronne in 1641 by King Louis XIII and Prince Honoré II ended Spanish protectorate in exchange for Monaco. In return, as compensation for the loss of his Spanish territories, Louis XIII granted four fiefs to Honoré II that included Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and Les Baux, made into a French marquisate and offered to Hercule, son of Honoré II.

Also worthy of mention are the lovely postmarks of Monaco Phil 2011, a major international philatelic event held in Monaco from 2nd - 4th Dec 2011.

Paranomic view of Monaco city (Above), would love to visit it one day!

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