Friday, August 17, 2012

Hello Again!

It has been a long time since I posted ... was out of philately for a while. Today, I would like to share 5 lovely postcards that I received from Post-crossers.

Took 5 days to travel from Japan to Singapore, this postcard shows the magnificent view of Mt Fuji in Winter.

Took 6 days to travel a distance of 10,296km from Mainz, Germany, this postcard shows the Kirschgarten ("cherry orchard") – with its old half-timbered buildings and Baroque style fountain.

Took 11 days to travel a distance of 8,972km, this postcard was sent by a Russian couple during their honeymoon in Mallorca, Spain! Congrats and thanks!

Sent by a Polish post-crosser during her holiday in Scotland. This postcard shows a Scotland's highland cow.

This cute postcard was posted from Sweden and took 6 days to reach me. The Post-crosser has been collecting postal history for about 60 years. You may like to take a look at his website

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