Monday, December 3, 2012

A Lovely Cover From Italy!

Many thanks to Salvatore Izzo for this Italian cover posted from Pompei in Southern Italy, a city famous for its ancient Roman ruins.
On this cover, Salvatore used three lovely stamps from the "150th Anniversary of the Italian Postal Service" series. Issued on Mar 5, 2012, the stamps represent an iconographic journey through the history of the Italian postal system from 1862 to the present, illustrated through a series of vintage and modern images.
Let's end this post with an educational trip to Pompei!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Postman's Uniform FDCs From Malaysia!

A great thanks to Khor Kok Keong for this two beautiful FDCs, entitled "Postman's Uniform". 
Issued on Oct 22, 2012 in conjunction with World Post Day, the stamps came in three designs of postman's uniforms according to the changing era in the 1950's (60 sens), 1970's (80 sens) and 1990's (Rm 1).
In addition, a lovely miniature sheet featuring another version of the Postman's uniforms during  the 1990's (Rm 1) and 1950's (Rm 2) was also issued.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

3 Beautiful Covers To Share Today!

Many thanks to Vural Oguz, Francois Leboucher and Ivana Perunski!!!
On the first cover posted from Switzerland, Vural used two stamps that were issued on March 8, 2012. The left stamp shows a Beaver and the right stamp was dedicated to children's book author and illustrator, Janosch for his 80th birthday.
Every year, during the first half of November, the Chambre syndicale française des Négociants et Experts en Philatélie (CNEP) organizes the largest annual philatelic event in France, the Salon Philatélique d'Automne. This year, the 66th Salon Philatélique d'Automne was held in Paris from 8 to 11 Nov 2012, to commemorate this special event, the French Post has released two new "LISA" ATM stamps, one of which was affixed on the second cover, courtesy of Francois!
Posted from Donja Lomnica, Croatia, Ivana used stamps from the "Museum of the Krapina Neanderthal Man" series, issued on Nov 11, 2012. The Krapina Neanderthal museum is located at Husnjakovo, the site where fossilized Neanderthal remains dating back to 130 000 years were found. This is the most varied collection of such fossils in the world. The remains of dozens of people were found, together with those of animals such as the cabe bear, wolf and rhinoceros as well as Palaeolithic stone implements.

That's all folk, enjoy your weekend!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Beauties of Our Homeland Cover from Slovakia!

Many thanks to Robert Brnka for this lovely cover posted from Slovakia!
The two beautiful 0.40 € postage stamps belong to the "Beauties of Our Homeland" series. 

Illustrating the "Skalka by Trencin" and "The Basilica of our Lady of Sorrows in Sastin", they were issued on July 13, 2012 and Sept 14, 2012 respectively.
Within the "Beauties of Our Homeland" series, these are the 8th and 9th stamps issued by the Slovak Post since 2007. 
 Jasov Monastery (Issued: 2007)
Hronsky Benadik Monastery (2007)
Wooden Church Hervartov (2008)
Wooden Church Dobroslava (2008)
 Castle Topolcianky (2010)
Castle Betliar (2010)
Dobsinska Ice Cave (2011)
The two 0.10 € stamps are definitives from the "Cultural heritage of Slovakia" series. Issued on Jan 2, 2009 as part of basic euro postal stamps.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Protected Mammal Species FDC from Taiwan!

Many thanks to Hong-Yi Ka for this beautiful FDC posted from Taiwan! Issued on Nov 7, 2012, this cover features a set of 4 stamps depicting protected mammal species.
1. Paguma larvata taivana (NT$5): This species is found in the mountainous regions of Taiwan proper, Green Island, and Orchid Island. Its name in Chinese—“white nose civet”—comes from the white vertical stripe that runs from its nose to the area between its ears. Retractable claws like those of a cat make it a good tree climber. This civet will wrap its tail around branches to prevent itself from falling off a tree.
2. Mustela nivalis formosana (NT$5): This species is distributed in mountainous regions at an altitude of at least 2,500 meters. Its range includes the Snow, Hehuan, and Jade mountains. The weasel is short and small, with a short tail and legs. Its throat, chest, and belly are white, whereas the rest of its body is brown.
3. Martes flavigula chrysospila (NT$10): This species can be found in the mountainous regions of national parks in central and southern Taiwan, as well as the Dawushan and Wutoushan nature reserves. The animal sports a bright color coat. The golden yellow fur around its neck resembles a luxurious scarf. Its waist is darker in color, and its limbs and tail are blackish brown.
4. Viverricula indica pallida (NT$25): This species, also called “pen cat” in Chinese, is found in Yangmingshan, roadsides along the Northern Cross-Island Highway and mountainous regions of the Southern Cross-Island Highway, Kenting, the East Coast Mountain Range, and the Fushan Botanical Garden. The animal’s anal gland and musk gland can emit a secretion with unusual odor. It has six black and tan stripes stretching from its shoulder to the base of its tail on its back. On the sides of its chest and waist there are some black markings of various sizes. It has a black and off-white ring tail.
Due to their endemism, it is very important that they are protected by Taiwan's Cultural Heritage Preservation Act.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cover From Ho Chi Minh City

Just a short post to begin this week with. Received this registered Vietnamese cover sent from Ho Chi Minh City by an eBayer recently.
On March 1, 2008, Vietnam Postal Service issued four beautiful postage stamps depicting rare native orchids; Calanthe densiflora Lindl (800d), Ludisia discolor (2000d), Spathoglottis affinis (6000d) and Calanthe argenteo-striata (8000d).
Let's end here with a visit to Ho Chi Minh City!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birds Cover From Belgium

Many thanks to Jacques Meysman for sending me this lovely birds cover posted from Brussels, Belgium. In fact this is his second cover sent to me, sadly the first was lost in mail  :(
The beautiful birds stamps were designed by Belgium's own renowned nature artist, Andre Buzin. In 1985, he started the first stamps of the birds series. And on April 12, 2010 Belgian Post released a special stamp entitled "25 years of High-fliers in Philately" in honor of Andre Buzin!

Here are some of the amazing birds stamps that he designed for Belgian Post so far.
The snowman stamp affixed on the top right corner belongs to a set of two christmas stamps issued in 2011.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Correction to my previous post

Great thanks to Lera for correcting me. On the postcard is actually another church - The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood (Tserkov Spasa na Krovi) in St. Petersburg. This Church was built on the site where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated and was dedicated in his memory. Pls take a look at this clip to have a better understanding of this stunning building. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From Russia With Love!

Many thanks to Lera for this wonderful cover sent from the fifth largest city in Russia, Nizhny Novgorod! Posted on Aug 12, 2012, this cover took 87 days to reach me! (received it today).
The lovely miniature sheet was issued on Feb 6, 2009 to commemorate the 175th Birth Anniversary of D. I. Mendeleev. A Russian chemist and inventor, Mendeleev is credited as being the creator of the first version of the periodic table of elements. Using the table, he predicted the properties of elements yet to be discovered.
The beautiful stamp affixed on the lower left belongs to a set of three, entitled "Riding Habits for Ladies, Sidesaddle Riding", issued in 2004. Sidesaddle riding is a form of equestrianism that uses a type of saddle which allows a rider (usually female) to sit aside rather than astride a horse, mule or pony. Sitting aside dates back to antiquity and developed in European countries in the Middle ages as a way for women in skirts to ride a horse in a modest fashion while also wearing fine clothing.
The silver colored stamp was issued on July 12, 2006 to mark the 75th Anniversary of the State Trust "Articcoal".
Last but not least, the 0.50 RUB fox stamp belongs to the fifth issue of definitives featuring native animals of Russia Federation. 
In addition, Leza enclosed this beautiful postcard of Saint Basil's Cathedral in the Red Square of Moscow. Would love to visit this iconic landmark one day!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Registered Chilean Cover

Many thanks to Pablo Chandias for this lovely registered cover from Chile! It's just a pity that the stamps were not cancelled.
The Bicentennial of Chile took place on Sept 18, 2010. Its celebration commemorates the beginning of the independence process in Chile, with the first Government Junta of Chile on Sept 18, 2010, and that after eight years, Chile became a free and independent country. 
To mark the Bicentennial, the Chilean Postal Administration has issued six beautiful stamps entitled "City of Antofagasta greets the Bicentenary". Antofagasta is a port city in northern Chile. Two of the stamps can be seen on this cover.
In November 2005, the Chilean government launched a campaign under the brand "Chile, All Ways Surprising" intended to promote the country internationally for both business and tourism. It is not surprising that they made used of postage stamps to help in this cause. 
The $90 blue stamp was issued in 1995 to celebrate "Navidad" or "Christmas Day".


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