Thursday, December 1, 2011

3 FDCs to share!!!

Many thanks to Hong-Yi Ka for this amazing FDC cover posted from Kaohsiung City, Taiwan!
Entitled "Nine Elders of Mt. Hsiang", the souvenir sheet depicts a scene from a party on Mt. Hsiang during Tang Emperor Wuzong's reign in 845 A.D. Because the party's host, Tang poet Bai Ju-yi, and his eight guests were all well over 70 years of age, they were called the nine elders.
The expressions of the figures are vivid and refined, and the lines of their clothes, the trees, and the boulders are strong and rugged, with brushstrokes that convey great power. Though the painting is small, the spatial composition is so clearly defined. The painting is unsigned but thought to be painted by Liu Song-nian of the Song Dynasty.

The second FDC that I am sharing was posted from Pori, a city on the west coast of Finland. Many thanks to Johanna Palonen!
Entitled "Light in the window", the stamps depict a night scene in the winter time, with lights in the attic rooms.
Last but not least, we have a lovely FDC posted from Kullu, India. Thank you very much, Jeevan Jyoti!
Entitled "Rashtrapati Bhavan", meaning Presidential House or Palace, the 4 commemorative stamps show the official residence of the President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil. The postage stamps mark the 80th Anniversary of the commissioning of the building, when the then Governor General of india, Lord Irwin became its first occupant.
To make up the postage, Jyoti used a stamp featuring a portrait of Indira Gandhi (19 Nov 1917 - 31 Oct 1984), who served as the third Prime Minister of India for three consecutive terms (1966-77) and a fourth term (1980-84). She was assassinated by Sikh extremists.


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