Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Veteran Motor Cars Cover from Slovakia!

Once again many thanks to Robert Brnka for this wonderful cover posted from Slovakia!

On 1st July 2011, the Slovak Post issued a set of stamps dedicated to the veteran cars Tatra and Aero 30.
Tatra, well known as "eight", was produced from 1936 to 1950. It is a typical example of high-tech pre-war Czechoslovakian industries. Its arrival on the automotive market has caused a stir not only because of its typical flat-shaped stabilizing fins at the rear of the hood, but also the typical three beams on the front mask, covered rear wheels and compact body shell. The vehicle had an eight-cylinder, air-cooled engine with a volume of 2,968 cm3 stored behind the rear axle, which thanks to its excellent features along with the aerodynamic bodywork was able to bestow speeds of up to160 km / h, consuming only 12.5 litres of petrol. It was designed for middle class users because, given the size and furnishing of the interior, it provided very comfortable travel. A completely unique use of the vehicle was an expedition which touched the heart of perhaps every boy or man with a desire to learn about new and undiscovered places. Witnesses can recall the fascinating adventure of two engineers, Hanzelka and Zikmund, during their three-year journey through Africa and South America which they undertook in a Tatra 87 with its completely serial construction.

In the beginning of 1930s a sporty-tuned type Aero 30 was designed with a dynamic body shell with a characteristically long engine bonnet (therefore the nickname Czech Jaguar), powered by a two-cylinder two-stroke engine with the performance of 30 k, being transferred to the front wheels. Post-war attempts to recover the Aero automobile tradition was shattered in 1947. Nowadays, Aeros belong to favourite collection objects of Slovak antique auto enthusiasts, who have preserved these automobiles as a part of the cultural, technical and historical heritage for the future.

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