Friday, July 22, 2011

Unique and Special Stamps

Last night, I was looking through my stamps collection and so I thought I would share with you some of my unique and strange stamps.

The small Himalayan nation of Bhutan is famous for its stamps, including the first ever silk stamps, made of Bhutanese thangkas.

More recently, Bhutan introduced postage stamps that doubles as actual CD-ROMs

This 2007 stamp printed on thinly sliced cork is from Portugal, commemorating the country's cork industry, which produces around 30% of the world supply

The first Steel stamps from Bhutan!

Choco Suisse, a chocolate stamp, was issued by Switzerland in 2001. This stamp comes in a foil-wrapped booklet, like a chocolate bar, which also smell like one

Souvenir sheet of two stamps with Swarovski crystals affixed. The block was issued on 20th Sept 2004 in a cooperation between Swarovski and Austrian Post. Only 800,000 blocks are produced

This football (Soccer) stamp was issued by Austria in march 2008. This stamp is made with the same plastic polyurethane that is used to manufacture the official football of the UEFA

In 2005, Austria issued the first of a commemorate series of embroidered stamps

In 2008, Singpost (Singapore Post) commissioned specially-designed beaded postage stamps to celebrate the opening of the Peranakan Museum

The first "talking" stamps, tiny vinyl records that played Bhutan's national anthem and a brief history of the country when spun on a phonograph!

Who says Stamps collecting is Boring?

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