Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Top Ten Chinese Stamps

Once banned by Mao Zedong as a bourgeois activity, stamp collecting has become increasing popular in China in recent years. While early collectors were from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the International Chinese diaspora, some important Mainland Chinese collectors are today "repatriating" stamps, in the same way that others are bringing back Chinese artworks.

According to the All-China Philatelic Federation, there are about 50,000 philately association in the country, comprising more than 20 million collectors. Guess it must be an exciting time for both Philatelists and investors! However, experts warn what's in the attic probably isn't worth very much. Unless it's from the "cultural revolution" period or form the Qing Dynasty.

I am lucky to own a few good Chinese stamps and here is my Top Ten list.

No. 10 - Goldfish (Issued: 1960)

No. 9 - Xinanjiang Hydro-electric Power (Issued: 1964)

No. 8 - 1st Sports Meet (Issued: 1966)

No. 7 - Great Chairman Mao (Issued: 1967)

No. 6 - Suzhou Garden (Issued: 1980)

No 5 - Zodiac Stamps (Issued: 1980-1991)

No. 4 - Peonies (Issued: 1964)

No. 3 - Landscapes of Huangshan (Issued: 1963)

No. 2 - Mao Zedong, Art and Literature (Issued: 1968)

No. 1 - Poems of Chairman Mao (Issued: 1967)

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