Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chinese idiom cover from Hong Kong!

A set of children stamps on the theme of "Chinese Idioms and Their stories" was released by the Hong Kong Post on 28th June 2011. This is the second issue of Chinese idioms stamps since the first set was received eagerly by philately enthusiasts and the general public in 2006.

Chinese idioms are set phrases which have evolved over thousands of years of use. They are succinct and expressive, vivid and figurative. Often originating from fables, Literature and historical facts or personages, their stories are full of references and the wisdom of the ages.

The set of stamps is themed on five Chinese idioms. One of them can be seen on the cover posted by Brian Kam. Thank you so much!
The stamp features a famous Chinese idiom "Mutual help in hard times". This idiom originates from Zhuangzi (369 - 286 BC), the famous Daoist philosopher born in the ancient China. It literally means that when the spring water dries up, the fishes stranded on land moisten each other with their saliva. The idiom is now used to describe people coming to each other's assistance during difficult times.

The bottom stamp belongs to the 2006 Bird definitive series.

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