Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hi Everyone!!

Happy New Year! How time flies! It has been 3 months since this blog was updated. I do not want to give any excuses.

During that period of time, I received tons of awesome covers! Many thanks!!
Regret that I managed to reply to them only yesterday. Thousand apologies!

The first cover that I am sharing was posted from Argentina by Cernjul Viviana. Gracias!
The beautiful set of reptiles stamps was issued in 2002. One of the stamps depicts a Red-footed tortoise, a native of South America which can be found in Argentina.

To make up for the postage, Viviana used a 50c stamp from the "Indigenous Culture" definitive series.

The second cover was sent by Devashish Ruthia from Dubai, U.A.E.! Shukran Jazilan!!

Devashish used a beautiful YOG souvenir sheet for the postage. Issued in 2010, it commemorates the inaugural Youth Olympic Games which was held in my country, Singapore.

Next, we have another awesome cover posted from France. This time from Francois Leboucher. Merci!
This cover was franked with a souvenir sheet dedicated to Charles de Gaulle, one of France most well known statemen. He was French leader during WW2 and fought against the Nazi Germany. He was elected President of France (1959-1969) and died on 9 Nov 1970.

The 4 portrait stamps belongs to the "Marianne" definitive series.

The last cover that I am sharing for today was posted from South Africa. Many thanks to D.Hazell!!

On 23 Sept 2010, South African Post offiice issued five stamps to celebrate one of South Africa's most fascinating regions, the Richtersveld.

These stamps feature the animals, birds, people and plants of the region. Costing R2,40 each, the postage for a standard domestic letter.

That's all for today! Talk to you guys soon. Bye!

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