Saturday, May 22, 2010

Awesome Canadian cover!

Once again many thanks to Stampraider for another awesome cover posted from Canada!

Knowing that I love stamps of tortoises and turtles, she specially used a Leatherback turtle stamp from the "Endangered Species" series. (Greatly appreciated!) Issued on 1st Oct 2007, the other stamps in this set feature North Atlantic Right Whale, Northern Cricket Frog & White Sturgeon Fish.

Next, we have 3 lovely stamps to commemorate the International Philatelic Youth Exhibition held in the largest city in Canada, Toronto between the 20th and 24th of May 1982. This was the first time that the Youth Exhibition was held outside Europe.
The stamp on the bottom left belongs to the "Postal Code" series, issued in 1979.
Canada’s postal code system consists of a six-character string that helps form part of the postal address system in Canada. This differs from the United States whose ZIP code system consists only of numbers, while Canada’s postal codes are currently alphanumeric in nature. You can easily identify a Canadian postal code by its structure. A Canadian postal code is always in the following format where A is a letter, and the N represents a digit – ANA NAN. The space between the third and fourth characters is deliberate and is part of the postal code system.

The Canadian postal code system was first conceived in 1970. The City of Ottawa Ontario served as the test city in 1971, and by 1974 was in use across Canada. Statistics Canada says there are roughly 850,000 different postal codes in use in Canada.

This system was a giant leap from Canada’s first mail delivery service. Back in 1693, Pedro da Silva was commissioned to deliver mail between the Canadian cities of Montreal and Quebec City. Under the direction of the British Government, full postal services with an official seal began in 1775, and continued until 1851. Canada’s first postage stamp also went into circulation that the same time.

Lastly, as discussed before, the 1 cents portrait stamp features King George VI of the United Kingdom. It belongs to the KGVI definitive series, issued in 1950.

This cover was postmarked on 6th May 2010 in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia, Canada and reached me on 13th May 2010, having traveled 12,756kms!

That's all folks! Enjoy ur weekends!

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