Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 Awesome covers from Argentina!!!!!

Many thanks to Cernjul Viviana for these awesome covers posted from Buenos Aires, Argentina! (My name was spelt wrongly on these covers. Thanks for the offer anyway!)

To raise awareness of Tuberculosis or TB, Argentina Post held a National Children Drawing Contest with the theme "“I Can Slow TB Down”. 4 drawings were choosen among thousands to feature on its postage stamps released on 14th Nov 2009.

The second cover was franked with half a minature sheet to commemorate the "2009 International Philatelic Festival" held in Italy. It was issued on 24th Oct 2009.

The third cover, a FDC was issued on 6th March 2010 to mark the "Bicentenary of the May Revolution".

The May Revolution was a week-long series of revolutionary events that took place from 18-25 May 1810. It was the first step towards a long process that led to the foundation of Argentina as an independent country. This process was followed by the Declaration of the Independence of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata, proclaimed at Tucumán in 1816; the Constitution of the Argentine Republic, sanctioned in 1853, and the City of Buenos Aires became federal and capital of the Republic in 1880. And then the institutional bases were settled to consolidate a new country.

Next is a lovely FDC to commemorate the "“South American Sails 2010”, issued on 20th Feb 2010.

The regatta begins on 07th February in Rio do Janeiro, Brazil and will call fourteen ports in ten countries of which five will be celebrating in 2010 the bicentennial of liberation revolutions which opened the way for their independence processes.
Precisely Argentina is one of the countries which experienced its first independence actions in 1810.

Lastly, we have this beautiful FDC from the "Argentine Festivals III" series, issued on 20th Feb 2010.

The lovely stamps in this series depict

Fiesta Nacional de los Estudiantes (National Student Festival);
In 1949 San Salvador de Jujuy became the site of the "National Youth Festival", and in 1952 the "National Students Festival" began its most glorious stage. Since 1972 it became an authetic National Festival that starts on Sept 21st and goes on for ten days. They say that during this time the city becomes "the capital of Youth and Spring" with parades of carriages built by young people and the election of the Students Queen.

National Sun Festival or Fiesta Nacional del Sol in Spanish;
Since 1972, the inhabitants of the San Juan Province pay tribute to the sun that accompanies them for over 300 days a year, through the National Sun Festival. The latest edition of this festival was held between 23-26 Feb 2010 with the Bicentennial as its main theme. Another great attraction was the Sun Carrousel, running through San Juan's street representing the 19 districts of the province and the communities of foreigners that settled in San Juan. During the closing the National Sun Queen was elected and a magnificent show called "Voices of freedom" was presented.

Fiesta Nacional de la Tradición or Tradition Festival aka Gaucho Festival;

Each year the main events of the Traditon festival or Gaucho festival, which celebrates the gaucho way of life, takes place in the vast plains of San Antonio de Areco. The festival is a celebration of all things rural, offering a unique insight into the traditions of Argentinian country life. Holidaymakers will get chance to take in horse parades, dancing and music, and enjoy barbecued meat - a major feature of the region, and a food Argentina is famous for.

and Fiesta Nacional de la Manzana or National Apple Festival to pay homage to the apple harvest season .

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