Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A nice surprise from Latvia!

Many thanks to Oleg Skleinov for this lovely cover posted from Riga, the capital and largest city in Latvia!
This is only my third cover from Latvia and it really made my day!

Besides using beautiful stamps on this cover, Oleg also took much effort to elaborate each and every stamp in his letter. Thank you once again!
The extreme right stamp franked on the cover belongs to the "Arms" definitive series, issued on 8th June 2007. This stamp depicts the coat of arms of Zemgale. The other 2 stamps released on the same day show Arms of Kurzeme and Arms of Auce respectively.

The middle stamp is from the "Protected Nature" series, issued on 7th June 2008. It depicts the Vaiku boulder which is situated in the east of Latvia. There is one legend that Russian emperor, Peter the Great and French emperor, Napoleon used it to take a meal during their trips.

Lastly, we have a christmas stamp from the "Decoration of Christmas tree" series, issued on 27th Nov 2009. It depicts a horse christmas tree ornament and the House of Blackheads (one of the main sights of Riga) in the background.

In addition, Oleg enclosed 2 lovely stamps from Russia. They depict the palaces which are situated near Saint Petersburg - Pavlovsk and Petergof.

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