Saturday, February 13, 2010

A lovely cover from Russia!

Another lovely Russian cover for my collection! This time from fellow ICCC member, Filippov Dmitry. Thank you very much!

The 2 beautiful self-adhesive snowflake-shaped stamps franked on the top right were issued by Russian Post to welcome the 2010 new year.

The stamps depict the Spasskaya and the Senate towers of the Kremlin and the dome of the Senate at the background of stylized snowflake.

To make up for the postage, Filippov used another self-adhesive stamp from the Russian Kremlins definitives series. Issued on 1st Oct 2009, this stamp shows the Kolomna Kremlin.
This cover was postmarked on 14 Jan 2010 and took almost a month to reach me on 11 Feb 2010!

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