Saturday, January 16, 2010

My third Canadian cover!

Many thanks to Chris Goodal for this awesome cover posted from North Bay, Ontario, Canada!

The beautiful stamp franked on the top left belongs to the "Beneficial Insects" low value definitives series.

Insects play a big role in the animal kingdom. In fact, did you know that scientific research says that humans—and probably most life on earth—would perish without insects?
Some insects’ jobs include pollinating flowering plants, providing a source of food for other animals, and helping in the decomposition of plants and animals. Some insects, for example, the cecropia moth, do other interesting things such as spinning fine, yet durable silk. The Canada darner or “dragonfly,” has a healthy appetite for mosquitoes—a characteristic for which we can all be grateful!

This lovely golden-eyed lacewing stamp is one of the five beneficial insects featured on a set of low value definitive stamps issued by Canada Post on 12 October 2007. The other four insects include: cecropia moth (25¢) Canada darner (10¢), northern bumblebee (5¢) and convergent lady beetle (1¢), better known to most of us as the ladybug.

The second stamp from the left featuring confetti, ribbon and fireworks exploding from an open envelope in a shower of colour was issued on 03 February 2009 as part of the "Celebration" series.

The stamp is a perfect complement to many of life's joyful celebrations, including weddings, anniversaries and graduations.

Last but not least is a set of stamps issued by Canada Post to mark the "International Year of Astronomy". They were issued on 06 April 2009.
These two commemorative stamps show amazing images of the Horsehead and Eagle Nebulas alongside Canadian observatories.

This cover took 9 days to travel an estimated distance of 14,718kms to reach me!

A cover is on the way to North Bay. Guess which stamps I used? No prize for guessing the right answer :)

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