Thursday, January 28, 2010

Malaysian Currency Covers!

Once again, I would like to thanks Khor Kok Keong for sending over these 2 gorgeous FDCs from Ipoh, Malaysia. Entitled "Malaysian Currency", they were issued on 18 Jan 2010.

The 3 lovely pairs of stamps franked on the first cover depict coins from the second series which entered circulation in late-1989. On the upper half of the observe, one can see a Chinese hibuscus which is the national flower of Malaysia, and the depiction of items of solely Malay culture on the reverse.

The minature sheet shows the newly designed RM50 banknote. Dubbed the "National Mission", expressing the notion of Malaysia "[moving] the economy up the value chain", in accordance to Malaysia's economic transformation to higher value-added activities in agriculture, manufacturing and services sectors of the economy.
The dominant intaglio portrait of the first Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, is retained on the right. Design patterns from songket weaving, which are in the background and edges of the banknote, are featured to reflect the traditional Malay textile handicraft and embroidery.

And here are all the Malaysian currency issues so far.

^ First series Coinage (1967)

^ Second series Coinage (1989)

^ First series Banknotes(1967)

^Second series Banknotes (1982)

^Third series Banknotes(1996)

^ Fourth series Banknotes (2008)

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