Friday, January 29, 2010

Cover from South Africa!

Rarely do I get to receive covers from the African continent. Hence, I was very excitied to receive this awesome cover from South Africa today! Thank you very much, Dudley Hazell!

The 2 beautiful spider stamps franked on the upper top right belong to the "The Wonder World of Spiders" series, issued by South African Post Office in 2004.

South Africa has a rich spider fauna and 67 families represented by 433 genera and about 2900 species are known. This represents about 9% of the world's fauna. This rich fauna of spiders can play an important part in South African in the control of pest species.

The 90c stamp was issued in 1992 to commemorate Anton van Wouw (1862-1945), a Dutch-born sculptor regarded as the father of South African sculpture.

This cover took 13 days to travel an estimated distance of 8,439kms to reach me.

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