Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My second cover from the Maldives!!

Many thanks to Clarence George for this lovely cover! It's my second from the Maldives!!However, I am a little disappointed for failing to find information on all the stamps franked on this cover. Only managed three... but then, I guess it is a pretty big accomplishment, considering the lack of information on Maldives' postage stamps.
The extreme left stamp belongs to the "Aesop's Fables" series. Issued in 1990, this beautiful stamp depicts the popular fable of "The fox and the crow". In the fable, a crow has found a piece of cheese and has retired to a branch to eat it, when a fox approaches. The fox, wanting the cheese for himself, flatters the crow, calling it beautiful and "the king of birds". Finally the fox requests that the crow sing for him. Its ego inflated by all the flattery, the crow begins to caw. When it opens its beak, the cheese falls and is devoured by the fox. The moral of the fable is "Beware of flatterers!"
The lovely stamp franked on the top right corner is from the 2004 WWF series, entited, "Little Dragonfish". The Little Dragonfish occurs in tropical and warm temperate marine waters of the Indian Ocean to the Central Pacific. This fish can be recognised by its distinctive shape and bony armour. The Little Dragonfish resembles pieces of shell or rubble lying on the bottom and can be extremely difficult to spot underwater because of its impressive camouflage.
The only bird stamp is part of the "Fauna of the Maldives" series. It was issued on 4th November 2002.
That's all folks! Should you have any idea on the two remaining stamps, kindly share. Thanks in advance. Bye!

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