Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another awesome Polish cover!

On 20th November, Poland’s postal service issued a series of stamps showing reproductions of famous paintings stolen from Poland during WW II. Entitled “Lost Masterpieces”, the move is part of a campaign to recover some of Poland’s art treasurers. Polish Post hopes to reach people who might know something about the lost paintings. Designed by Kazimierz Bulik, the series includes reproductions of Jesus Collapses Under the Cross by Peter Paul Rubens and Joseph Telling his Dreams by Rembrandt.

Many thanks to Andrzej Bek for sending this Rembrandt van Rijn cover with matching stamp. To make up the postage, Andrzej used a beautiful stamp from the "Polish cities" series, issued on 1st March 2002. It depicts Cathedral of Gniezno showing the coffin with relics of St Adalberg.

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