Sunday, December 6, 2009

3 Awesome covers!!!

Today I shall share with you 3 awesome covers from Slovakia (one of the countries which I will be visiting on my Eastern European tour next week), Pakistan and Malaysia! Many thanks to Robert Brnka, Ehsan Ur Rehman and Khor Kok Keong respectively.

The neat Slovak cover features a set of beautiful stamps from the "Preservation of Nature" series, issued on 23th October 2009. They depicts an European Pond Turtle and a Fire Salamander, both commonly found in most parts of Europe.

This cover was postmarked in Trnava, Slovakia on 02nd November 2009 and took 32 days to reach me! Where has it been?

On the other hand, the Pakistani FDC shows lovely stamps from the "10th ECO Summit at Tehran Iran" series (issued 2009), "Mr. Hugh Catchpole" series (2007), "International Women's Day" series (2007) & "SOS Children's Villages of Pakistan" series (2005).

This cover was postmarked in Islamabad, Pakistan on 21th November 2009 and reached me on the 28th November 2009.

Last but not least, we have a Malaysian cover franked with a Kedah state souvenir sheet devoted to the "Garden Flowers" series, issued on 09th November 2009.

The cover was postmarked in Ipoh, Malaysia on 24th November and took 8 days to reach me.

That's all folks! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Again, Malaysia Post's worker really not appreciate our cover and not a collector. Apply the ugly postmark to the cover with special postmark again. So sad we have such worker.



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