Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A lovely cover from Poland!

Just to share this lovely Polish cover received from Mr. Gerardo Lo Storto. Thank you!

The wonderful minature sheet franked on the right corner was issued by Polish Post on 16th April 2009 to commemorate the 2009 World Philatelic Exhibition in Luoyang, China. This year's exhibition gathered philatelists from over 110 countries worldwide and was the first of the kind that all 84 members of the International Philatelic Federation took part in the exhibition. With 3,200 frames of stamp collections on display, the exhibition is the largest of its kind in history.

The 2 stamps franked on the lower left corner belong to the "Polish Cities" stamps series. They depict the cities of Sieradz (issued on 29th July 2005) and Katowice (05th October 2005) respectively.
This cover was postmarked in Wroclaw, Poland on 02nd November 2009 and took 8 days to travelled an estimated distance of 9,668kms to reach me! Hey Mr. Gerardo, I will be replying to you soon.

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