Saturday, November 28, 2009

An awesome ICCC cover!

Another awesome cover received from a fellow ICCC member. This time from the Netherlands!

This cover contains 8 lovely semi-postal stamps issued during the 1960s.

Also called charity stamps, semi-postals usually are recognizable by the presence of two (often different) values joined by a "+" sign or an overprint that includes a "+" sign. The funds raised from this surcharge are donated to a charity or cause, usually related to the image on the stamp.

Semi-postal issues first appeared in the late-19th century and have since become common in various stamp-issuing countries, raising funds to fight diseases, aiding environmental efforts, assisting in war efforts, and a variety of other causes.

The pair of green coloured stamps franked on the top right was designed by Dutch children books illustrator, Dick Bruna (His best known creation is Miffy). These stamps were issued in 1969 to help the Child welfare.

Next, we have a pair of crab stamps from the 1967 Marine life series, to raise funds for the Marine Conservation.

Last but not least, are 4 beautiful stamps to help the Animals welfare. They were issued in 1964.

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