Monday, October 12, 2009

Switzerland through the eyes of foreign Artists

Over the past few years, foreign artists have each been asked to design a series of four stamps depicting how they see Switzerland. Artists from England, France and Italy have made their contributions, and now it is the turn of Germany (issued on 3rd Sept 2009).

Berlin painter Kuno Ebert and graphic designer Katja Dengel have chosen a red flower to describe how they see Switzerland. For Ebert this is no random choice, for a flower can shield itself, protect itself and hide itself away, just as Switzerland does – but he means this in a positive sense.

In addition to the flowers, each of which has a faintly discernable white Swiss Cross at their centre, each stamp features an excerpt from a poem by Friedrich Schiller. He wrote it as a dedication when he sent off "William Tell," the drama which was later to become world-famous. Each stamp cites a different passage from the poem, and the titles of the stamps reflect these: Independence, Self-sufficiency, Humaneness and Modesty.
For Kuno Ebert, the poem is the obvious choice, as it describes Switzerland perfectly. And of course, Schiller's "William Tell," the catalyst for writing the poem, is not only world-famous, but also a symbol of Switzerland and its history.

One of these gorgeous stamps can be seen on this postcard received from a postcrosser. The face of the postcard shows some stunning sceneries in Zurich.

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