Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My first cover from the Maldives!

I am extremely happy to share with you my newest country, my no.83, from the Republic of Maldives! Many thanks to Clarence George for your help! The 2 lovely stamps franked on the upper row belong to the "Reef Fish of Maldives" series, issued on 24 Dec 2002. They depict Teardrop Butterflyfish (15L) and Blue-lined Surgeonfish (50L). And here is the complete set.
The other fish stamp franked on the extreme right corner is from the "Marine Life 2007" series. It is one of 5 beautiful stamps issued on 9 October 2007. Beside these 2 sets, I noticed that Maldives post has issued many nice fish series over the years. The only bird stamp on this cover was issued on 9 August 1990. It shows a Cinnamon Bittern. Native to Asia, including Maldives , this is a small species at 38 cm length, with a short neck and longish bill. The male is uniformly cinnamon above and buff below. The female's back and crown are brown, and the juvenile is like the female but heavily streaked brown below.
This cover was postmarked in Male, Maldives on 6 Oct 2009 and took 6 days to travel an estimated distance of 3,373kms to reach me.

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