Saturday, October 24, 2009

My first cover from Macau!

The annual "Macau International Fireworks Display Contest" not only lights up the nights of Macau, but also the philatelic scene. On 2nd September 2004, Macau Post issued a set of 4 spectacular stamps plus a miniature sheet to commemorate the 16th Macau International Firworks Display Contest.Three of these stamps can be seen on the lovely cover sent by Myron. Thank you very much!
The Macau International Fireworks Display Contest first started in 1989 and has been held annually since. By 1995, the event has developed from the original five-team contest to a ten-team event, with two different teams showing their expertise each night.
For the past years, over 100 international teams from China, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan China, Japan, Korea, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, Germany, Portugal and Spain have taken part in the "Macau International Fireworks Display Contest".It has grown over the years into an internationally acclaimed event, one of the best of its kind.

For your info, Tamaya Art Pyro Technics from Japan won the contest in 2004.
That's all for today folks! Have a great weekend!

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