Friday, October 23, 2009

A lovely postcard from Finland!

Many thanks to Johanna for giving me the chance to share with you guys this beautiful postcard franked with a gorgeous stamp from Pori, Finland.
This postcard shows the national flower of Finland, Convallaria majalis or commonly known as Lily-of-the-Valley. This flower can be easily recognized because of its good fragrance and shape which is bell shape flower drop. The lily-of-the-Valley which is white in color looks like a wedding bell. The shape of this flower and its soothing fragrance makes it a perfect choice when it comes to wedding decoration and wedding bouquets. Lily-of-the-Valley blooms in the spring and has a long lasting beauty.
I have not seen these flowers before but I think that they are awesome!
On 6 May 2009, Finnish Post Service issued a beautiful minature sheet, titled "Fashion". This miniature sheet with five 1st class non-value indicator stamps features drawings of creations by six young Finnish designers who have achieved international success: dresses by Jasmin Santanen and Tuomas and Anna Laitinen, shoes by Minna Parikka and Julia Lundsten, and a handbag by Sanna Kantola. All these accessories are from this year's spring collections.
We can see the right portion of the minature sheet franked on this postcard.

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