Saturday, October 3, 2009

A lovely cover from Hong Kong!

Hi guys, here is a nice cover from Hong Kong sent by an eBayer.
The first stamp from the right belongs to the 2006 Birds Definitive Series. This lowest value in the set features a White-Bellied Sea Eagle, one of the largest raptors endemic to Asia, including Hong Kong. The second stamp is from the "Children Stamps - Paper Folding Fun" series, issued on 22 May 2008. This set depicts a variety of prize-winning pieces featuring themes related to plants, animals and festivals.
Last but not least is a beautiful stamp belonging to the "Hong Kong Flowers" series, issued on 14 March 2008. This issue presents six distinguished flowers regularly seen in Hong Kong. They are Chinese Hibiscus ($1.40), Tree Cotton ($1.80), Allamanda ($2.40), Azalea ($2.50), Indian Lotus ($3) and Morning Glory ($5). The flowers are painted by hand in a traditional Chinese manner and displayed on a computer-generated background. Such a combination of styles demonstrates how Hong Kong can incorporate diverse cultures.
This cover was cancelled with a postmark of "GPO-5" dated 26 September 2009, and took a week to reach me.

And here is one of my purchases; a WWF - St Tome Principe 2001 Oiley River Turtle Minature Sheet :)

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