Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another awesome Slovak cover!

As promised, here is the second awesome cover sent by Robert Brnka. Thank you once again!

This cover is actually a postal stationery cover, issued in 2009. The pre-printed € 0.40 stamp (top right corner) shows the same design as the first euro denominated definitive series issued by Slovak Post in early 2009. This set was devoted to religious buildings of the country.

The lovely stamp franked on the upper row, left was issued on 18 December 2002 to commemorate the Nitrafila International Philatelic Exhibition held in Nitra in June 2003.

The stamp in the middle on the upper row was issued on 21 December 2007 to celebrate Slovakia entering the "Schengen area". Basically the Schengen system ensures that document checks at borders between two countries which are members of the EU is abolished. In order to be able to be included in it, countries must make sure they have secured their borders with non-EU members.

The first and third stamps franked on the second row were issued by Slovak Post to commemorate the Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava. BIB is the international competitive exhibition of illustrations for children books. The stamps depict the works of Slovak artist Dušan Kállay (1995) and Jana Kiselová-Siteková (2003) respectively. In the middle of the 2 Biennial stamps is a stamp issued on 10 March 2003 to celebrate Easter. Easter customs in Slovakia go back as far as pre-Christian times. It shows a young girl in traditional costume of the Vajnory region holding a "Lesola" (a twig decorated with painted eggs and ribbons of color), symbolizing spring season.
Next is a lovely stamp from the "International Year of Family" series, issued on 29 April 1994.

Last but not least, we have a beautiful stamp belonging to the "150 Years of Railroads in Slovakia" series, issued on 20 August 1998.

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