Monday, October 5, 2009

4 lovely Malaysian covers!

Welcome my friends! Today, I have 4 lovely Malaysian covers to share with you guys. Courtesy of Khor Kok Keong and Aik Yong respectively. Terima kasih!!

The 5 beautiful stamps franked on this first cover were issued by Pos Malaysia to commemorate the 50th World Children's Day in 2003.

The World Children's Day Celebration was the brainchild of the International Union for Child Welfare of the United Nations. The first celebration was in 1953 where 40 countries participated. In 1954, the United Nations approved the celebration and UNICEF was given the responsibility to manage the celebration. Now, over 150 countries in the world celebrate World Children's Day.
The purpose of the celebration is to create awareness of the responsibilities of all members of society especially parents, private and public agencies have to protect the rights and the future of children as well as to enable members of the public to appreciate the need to uphold the rights and dignity of children in accordance with the rights as accorded to them by the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Next, we have 2 covers franked with stamps from the "Green Buildings" series. They were issued in 2009 to highlight the concern over global warming.

The 3 stamps depict images of three buildings in Malaysia that are innovative in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability.
The 30-sen stamp features the Green Energy Office (GEO) building, Pusat Tenaga Malaysia in Bandar Baru Bangi. It is the first government building designed with the capability to generate its own energy from “green sources.”
The Low Energy Office Building which houses the Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry is featured on the 50-sen stamp. The building emerged as the winner in the “New & Existing Category” in the Asean Energy Awards 2006.
The Diamond Building, which is designed in an inverted pyramid concept to create extensive shading of the building to reduce heat gained from its sides, is featured on the RM1 stamp.

Last but not least, we have a lovely cover franked with a minature sheet from the Millennium Series III. It was issued in 2000.

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