Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 new friends!!

One of my main objectives of having this blog is to get to know more like-minded friends from all over the world and so far it has been a success.

Recently, I had the pleasure to receive covers from another two new friends from this blog, Luca Venturini from Trento, Italy and "moust 27" from France. Thank you!!

The first cover was sent by "moust 27", who would prefer to be known by this nickname on the World Wide Web.

The lovely yellow stamp franked on the left of this cover is from the "Marianne" definitive series, issued in 2008. While, the other 2 beautiful stamps belong to the "Images of France" series, issued on 14th May 2009.

As you can see from the cover, my mailing address is written wrongly as "Blk 658A" instead of "Blk 685A". Luckily, it still managed to find its way to me as there is no Blk 658A around :)

The second cover was sent by Luca Venturini from Trento, a city of 100,000 inhabitants, in the north of Italy, between Dolomiti mountains. On 26 June 2009 the Dolomities have been inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Congratulation! The beautiful minature sheet franked on the cover was issued by Poste Italiane on 17 Feb 2009 to celebrate the song "Tintarella di luna", a popular Italian pop song in the 1950s. The other stamp on the cover was issued on 3 Jan 2004 to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Television programme in Italy. It's just a pity that this cover was not postmarked.

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