Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A lovely Israeli cover!

Do you know that Israel exports over $22 million worth of wine annually? Now I do! Thanks to this lovely cover sent by Ya'ary Mordechai from Modi'in, Israel. The beautiful stamps with tabs franked on the cover are from "Wine in the Land of Israel – Festivals 2002" series, issued on 27th August 2002.

The NIS 1.20 denomination stamp depicts grape shears with grapes. The top half of the tab shows the Rishon Lezion Winery at the beginning of the century and the lower half shows modern stainless steel wine-making equipment.

The NIS 1.90 stamp features a corkscrew with a cork. And on the tab is a picture of a modern vineyard meticulously designed in the Cordon system which is suitable for the mechanical harvesting that is acceptable today. On the lower half of the tab is an ancient wine-press in which the grapes were crushed under foot as part of the historical wine production process.

The NIS 2.30 stamp shows a wine bottle with wine glass. The tab illustrates two stages in the aging of top quality (mainly red) wines namely, the aging of wine in oak barrels, and the continuing maturation of the wine in bottles stored in suitable conditions.

It's sad that this cover was not postmarked.

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