Thursday, September 10, 2009

A lovely cover from Canada!

It is always a great pleasure to receive covers from my readers, not to mention new ones. Here is a lovely cover sent by a new reader of this blog, Kong Wei Xie from Vancouver, Canada. Thank you very much! It's just a pity that this cover was not postmarked. Anyway, enjoy this cover!

These four stamps franked on the cover celebrate four Canadian inventions in the world of sport: basketball, five-pin bowling, lacrosse and ringette. They were issued on 10th August 2009. Hoping to devise an indoor game to fill the winter months between football and baseball seasons, James Naismith’s experiment in a YMCA class was an instant hit. A long way from its peach-basket beginnings, basketball is now an international athletic and marketing phenomenon that stands among the world’s most widely played sports.
When French explorers were first introduced to the native ball and stick game, baggataway, they called it “la crosse” for the stick’s resemblance to a bishop’s crosier. Europeans began playing the game in the 19th century, but rules were not standardized until lacrosse goalkeeper George W. Beers published the first set in Montreal in 1867. In 1994, lacrosse was declared the national summer sport of Canada. When members of the Toronto Bowling Club complained about the weight of the standard ten-pin bowling ball, Thomas F. Ryan, the club’s co-founder, introduced a smaller ball and had his father whittle down five pins to match. He devised a new scoring system and introduced his game in 1909.
In 1963, Sam Jacks, Director of Parks and Recreation in North Bay, Ontario, combined the speed of hockey with the strategy of basketball to create ringette, an on-ice alternative to hockey for girls and women. Designed to emphasize skill and teamwork with no intentional body contact, Jacks was confident his game would be a hit—and it was. Today, more than 50,000 girls and women belong to ringette teams worldwide.

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  1. No postmark? Weird.

    Ringette is really fun. You should try it if you have the chance.



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