Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another awesome Slovak cover!

Another awesome Slovak cover to add to my collection! Many thanks to Robert Brnka!

The lovely stamp franked on the left of this cover belongs to the "Postage Stamp Day 2003" series, issued on 28th November 2003. In this issue, Jozef Baláž was honoured with a special stamp that depicts the drawing which he created for the issue of 110th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union (Czechoslovakia 12 June 1984).

Jozef Baláž (1923-2006) was a prominent painter and stamp designer in Czecholovakia and Slovakia.

In 1957 Jozef Baláž created the first stamp designs, three animals, for the issue for the 10th anniversary of TANAP (Tatra National Park). Besides his own artistic works, he devoted an unbelievable 46 years to graphic lay-outs of postage stamps for Czechoslovakia and Slovakia. He designed more than 120 different stamps with portraits of famous persons, animals and scenes from Slovak history and culture. For Jozef Baláž’s stamp art he made meticulous research. His complete knowledge of the technical stamp making parameters enabled him to better create designs specifically to commemorate particular anniversaries and important social events.

Franked in the middle of the cover is a T2 50 denominated stamp from the Flora series, issued on 20th March 2008. It can be used for postage for a second class letter up to 50 grammes in the domestic service.
This beautiful stamp depicts Dahlia, a flowering plant. It is native to Mexico, Central America, and northern South America. Dahlias were cultivated by the Aztecs, taken to Europe by the Spaniards, and soon spread throughout the world in widely different climates. There are 18 species and thousands of hybrid varieties.

Last but not least, we have a stamp from the "Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava" series, issued on 14th August 2009.
The Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB) is one of the oldest international honours for children's book illustrators. First granted in 1967 to Yasuo Segawa (Japan), it is one of the more prestigious children's book awards today, along with Hans Christian Andersen Award. Artists are selected by an international jury, and their original artwork is exhibited in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is sponsored by UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture, Slovakia. There are eleven awards and a grand prize for unique and outstanding illustration.

I am looking forward to visiting this beautiful country this coming June!

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