Monday, August 31, 2009

My first Bangladeshi cover!

Yet another lovely cover from an ICCC member. This time from the world's seventh most populous country, Bangladesh! It is my first Bangladeshi cover. Courtesy of Mosharf Husain. Thank you very much if you happen to see this blog. Also special thanks to Vural Oguz, director of ICCC for making this lovely arrangement. The stamp franked on the left corner belongs to a set of 5 stamps dedicated to the Flood victims caused by Cyclone Sidr on 15 November 2007. It is the worst cyclone in more than a decade to hit this low-lying South Asian nation of 150 million people. Up to 15,000 people were killed and seven million lives left devastated by the cyclone. Damage to property, livestock and crops was estimated at US$1.7 billion.
Map showing Sidr affected districts and disaster response

Next, we have a set of 4 beautiful stamps from the "Fauna" series, issued in 2000. They depict Indian Porcupine, Black-tailed python, Bengal monitor & Tokay Gecko (second largest Gecko species).
That's all folks! Till next post. Bye!

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