Sunday, August 23, 2009

3 wonderful European covers!!!

Here are 3 wonderful covers sent from Europe to share with you guys. Many thanks to all my European friends! The first lovely cover was sent by fellow blogger and frog lover, Eric Bruth. Postmarked on 21 July 2009 in Montrouge, France, this cover took 10 days to travel an estimated distance of 10,736 kms to reach me.
Next, we have this awesome cover sent by Giannini Jacopo. Posted from Viareggio, a city located in northern Tuscany, Italy, on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, this cover traveled an estimated distance of 10,188kms to reach me.
Last but not least, is this gorgeous cover sent by Johanna Palonen from Eckero, Aland, Finland. Bearing a special postmark from the Post and Custom house (Post och Tullhuset) mailbox dated 14 August 2009, this cover took 7 days to travel an estimated distance of 9,560kms to reach me.
That's all for this lovely sunday! See you again soon!

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