Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another awesome cover from Malaysia!

Another awesome cover from Malaysia! This time from Tengku Noor Ismali. Thank you very much! The first stamp franked on the left belongs to a set of 4 stamps from the "Snakes" series, issued in 2002. It depicts Python reticulatus, a species of ppython found in Southeast Asia. Adults grow to a maximum of over 28 feet (8.7 m) in length and are the world's longest snakes, but are not the most heavily built. Like all pythons, they are non-venomous constrictors and normally not considered dangerous to humans, even though large specimens are powerful enough to kill an adult and attacks are occasionally reported.
Next, we have a stamp featuring Kima Tridacna gigas, the largest species of Giant Clam. The shells sometimes grow over 1 meter long and weigh up to 200 kg. This stamp was issued in 2001.
The stamp franked on the top right belongs to the "Marine Life" series, issued in 2004. This stamp depicts the Humpback whales. Found in oceans and seas around the world, humpback whales typically migrate up to 25,000 kilometres each year. Humpbacks feed only in summer, in polar waters, and migrate to tropical or sub-tropical waters to breed and give birth in the winter. During the winter, humpbacks fast and live off their fat reserves. The species' diet consists mostly of krill and small fish.
The second stamp franked on the right is from the "Semi Aquatic Animals" series, issued in 2006. The stamps in this series portray 3 semi aquatic animals found in Malaysia, namely mudskipper (30 sen), hermit crab (50 sen) and Asian box turtle (1 ringgit).
Lastly, we have a beautiful stamp from the "Migratory Birds" series, issued in 2005. It depicts a Purple Heron. The Purple Heron is a large bird, 80-90 cm tall, with a 120-150 cm wingspan, but slender for its size, weighing only 0.5-1.3 kg.
This cover was postmarked on 5th July 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and took 7 days to reach me. That's all folks! Enjoy your weekend!

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