Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another awesome Icelandic cover!

Good day! Here is another awesome cover from Iceland sent by an eBayer! My fourth so far.

As previously mentioned, the circle stamp franked on this cover belongs to the Christmas series. Post Iceland always ends the year by issuing its annual traditional Christmas stamps. This was issued in 2007.

The blue stamp with the cute fellow dressed in red was issued on 6th Dec 2008. The stamp depicts a Yule Goblin Stiff-Legs. It is part of a pair of stamps designed by two children who won the Iceland post competition for the best Christmas Stamps.

According to legend 13 Goblins arrive from the mountains before Christmas. The first one, Stiff-legs, arrives on December 12th. The last one, Candle-beggar arrives on Christmas Eve.
The other stamp of the set shows the Christmas cat. The cat is the house pet of the goblins' parents, Gryla and Leppaludi, and anyone who does not receive a new garment for Christmas is said to be taken by the cat.

The stamp franked on the extreme left was issued on 24th May 2007 to commemorate "The 100 Years of Soil Conservation Service".
Lastly, we have a set of 2 stamps titled "Norden Sailing Ships". They were issued in 1998.
This cover was postmarked on 9th June 2009 in Kόpavogur, Iceland’s second largest city and took 9 days to reach me.

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